Beverage Dispensers, Servend

Beverage Dispensers, Servend


Whats your flavor whats your pic?See the Flavor pic 250 here along with Servends SV Selectable and SV series ice/beverage dispensers.

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Countertop Electric

Servends CEV, CT and M series. the CEV Series is an electric/juice dispenser, CT a countertop tower and the M series a countertop ice dispenser. 

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Drop Ins

Servends two valve, four flavor beverage tower has a flexible design to provide convenient non carb flavor options.

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From both McCanns and Servend, Two to choose from Ice-Combo cabinet stand also available.

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Servend's S-Series ice dispensers feature a no-hassle, one piece structural base, strengthened drive train, and modular design,all resulting in a more durable ice dispenser..  Lease it.

Beverage Accessories

ArcticDraft Root Beer Systems Blade Tower root beer system provides the most consistenet, highest quality root beer in the industry.MDH Series Ice/Bev dispenser provides up to 20 valves, 400 pounds of ice storage and the exclusive ice pic for cubed or crushed. Lease restaurant supplies today.